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Dobok and Belt Must Be Worn

Points Sparring Scores

Scores to be awarded during bouts.
Kick to head 2 points
Kick to body 1 points
Jumping kick to head 3 Points 
Jumping kick to body 2 Points
Single punch to head/body 1 point
Jumping back fist strike 2 points


Target area

  1. Head at the front and sides but not at the back.
  1. Trunk of the body from neck to navel vertically and from a line drawn from the armpit vertically down to the waist on each side (that is frontal area only, excluding the back).  

For individual or team competition there must be only one (1) coach close to the square. During the tournament, coaches must wear a training suit, gymnastic shoes and carry a towel (no jeans). They must not interfere in the competition by action or words. They are the only ones allowed to present an official protest.
Failure to abide by the above mentioned rules may render the coach liable to be disqualified from his advisory position.
Competitors must at all times bow to the Jury and also to each other at the beginning and end of each performance/match.
Durations of bouts and decisions

Individual Senior points elimination and final bouts will be 1  round of  (2) minutes duration
Individual Junior points elimination and final bouts will be 1  round of  (1.5) minutes duration
Continuous individual sparring
In individual continuous matches the following decisions will apply:   When three (3) or four (4) corner referees give a decision in favour of one competitor then that competitor is the winner.

  1. When three (3) or four (4) corner referees say that it is a draw then a further one (1) minute round will take place. If this results in a further draw then the first scored point will decide who is the winner.
  2. When two (2) corner referees give a decision in favour of one competitor (two (2) for one competitor + one (1) for the other + one (1) given it as a draw or two (2) for one competitor + two (2) giving it as a draw) then that competitor is the winner.
  3. When two (2) corner referees give a decision in favour of one competitor and the other two (2) corner referees give a decision in favour of the other competitor then a one (1) minute extension will follow. If at this time it results in a further draw then the first scored point will decide who is the winner.
  1. When two (2) corner referees give a decision in favour of one competitor in case of the first scored point bout then that competitor is the winner.     

One point will be deducted for the following offences:

  1. Loss of temper.
  2. Insulting an opponent in any way.
  3. Biting, scratching.
  4. Attacking with the knee, elbow or forehead.
  5. Attacking a fallen opponent.
  6. Attack to an illegal target with contact.
  7. Contact.   

Warnings will be assigned for the following offences:

  1. Attack to an illegal target.
  2. Stepping completely out of the ring (both feet).
  3. Falling down, whether intentional or not (this means any part of the body, other than the feet, touching the ground).
  4. Holding/grabbing/pushing.
  5. Leg Sweeping.
  6. Faking a blow, pretending to be injured to gain an advantage.
  7. Intentionally avoiding sparring.
  8. Pretending to have scored a point by raising the arm.

N.B.: The sum of three (3) warnings automatically means deducting one (1) point.
N.B.: If an athlete is pushed out of the ring with intent (without undergoing a technique) then he will not receive a warning. Any unused warnings will be carried over into extra time in the event of a draw.



  1. Misconduct against officials or ignoring instructions.
  2. Heavy contact.
  3. Committing three (3) fouls.
  4. Any competitor being under influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs.


  1. When a competitor is injured, the Centre Referee must stop the match and call the First Aid. The First Aid must diagnose and decide within two (2) minutes about the match and competition continuation. A total of four (4) minutes is allowed to treat the wounds.
  2. When a competitor cannot fight on because of First Aid decision:
    1. he/she is the winner if his opponent is responsible;
    2. he/she is the loser if his opponent is not responsible.
  3. An injured competitor that is unfit to fight, cannot continue for the time/day(s) set according to the First Aid’s  decision.
  4. A competitor that refuses to accept the First Aid’s decision will be disqualified and taken out of the competition.
  5. If two competitors injure themselves at the same time and both are unfit to fight, according to the First Aid’s decision, the winner is the contender that has more scored points at that moment. If the competitors are even, the Ring Council will decide about the bout.

Safety Equipment and protective wear
All competitors must have 

  1. Competitors may, optionally, wear the following:
    1. Breast protectors (must be worn INSIDE the dobok jacket) (female only).
  2. Competitors must wear:
    1. Effective padded hand 8oz gloves are acceptable for juniors and 10oz gloves for seniors (safety is paramount in this tournament Adam we want everyone going home safe and sound) and feet safety equipment of an approved type. (fingers, thumbs and toes must not be exposed)
    2. Groin guards must be worn.
    3. Shin guards
    4. Mouth guards.
    5. Head guard 

These all being of an approved type consisting of elasticised material with sponge or rubber type padding and containing no metal, bone or hard plastic or similar hard material whatsoever, nor involving the use of zip, lace or stud fasteners.

  1. No other protective or safety equipment may be worn, except in special circumstances with the approval of the Tournament Committee.
  2. All competitors with injuries which require bandaging or strapping of any kind must satisfy the Tournament chief referee of their need, and obtain approval of type before performing i.e. no pins or hard material can be worn, neither can bandaging give extra support so that it constitutes an advantage to that competitor.
  3. No jewellery, watches or other adornments may be worn, hair may be kept in place using a material of a soft elastic nature only, no grips or slides are allowed.

Individual and team patterns
The referee must observe with attention the competitors' actions and take into consideration and judge according the following parameters:

Individual Pattern

Team Pattern


Presentation, Teamwork and Choreography

Technical Content

Technical Content





Breath Control

Breath Control



Individual patterns will be judged by 5 seated Black Belts .The highest ranking grade (foreman) will, prior to patterns commencing inform the judges what parameters to look for with regards to awarding scores.

The score of 6-8 points will be used to score junior and senior coloured belts.
The score of 8-10 points will be used to score junior and senior black belts.
The highest and lowest score will be taken away to leave the competitors score. 
The 3 pattern rule will be used this is, we look at the first 3 competitors then call them back out to give them their score.

Area's fully matted

There will be judges and referees from a wide range of associations and clubs with years experience and qualifications
If you are an instructor and would to officiate please contact me .Each competitor must have their gear on and be ready to compete when called if not they may be docked a point this will be left up the the center ref who will use their discretion at the time


Injury liability and insurance
- competitors,All competitors must be in possession of Insurance coverage as the host is not responsible for any eventuality and/or injury.